Day: July 27, 2021

Garage Cleanout Tips – How to Create a Clutter-Free Garage

Garages are great for parking your beautiful cars, but they can quickly become the dumping ground for old clothes, paint cans, that ancient bike, and other items you don’t deal with anymore!

A cluttered garage runs out of space, and it can be pretty daunting to fit your car easily. So, the best thing to do is de-clutter it to enjoy more room while seeing your garage in great condition. 

But how to start with a garage cleanout? Here are the top tips that’ll assist you in cleaning the car parking like a pro. 

How Do I Start with the Garage Cleaning?

Cleaning a garage is not “a walk in the park” and may require a lot of time, depending on how messy things are. It would be great to plan an entire day for cleaning, as you’ll be dealing with some hidden surprises as well.

Whenever I’m about to de-clutter the garage, I call some of my friends over to help me out, and it makes the task interesting as well. 

Check almost everything inside the garage, even the boxes you didn’t unpack after moving to the house. 

Make three categories, i.e.: keep, sell, and donate. Categorise all items into these three piles, and it will help you quickly get rid of the things you don’t use or need anymore. 

Now you are all set, so read on the tips and declutter the garage conveniently.

Draft a Floor Plan 

This is the first thing I did when cleaning the garage. Drafting a floor plan will help you understand the available room, and you can plan the placement of items accordingly. Note down the location of windows, switches, doors, and receptacles, along with the space your car will occupy.

Follow these rules once done with taking the dimensions 

  • Make a list of items you use together, like the lawnmower and the leaf blower. Storing them together will help you with added convenience.
  • Put all bulky equipment aside so that it doesn’t come in contact with the car.
  • Collect the frequently used items like the bikes, and place them closer to the Gliderol garage door
  • Gather all seasonally used items, and stash them in somewhere so they are not visible and the garage looks clean.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Clear the Space

Now you have the floor plan ready, and you can start clearing the garage. Most of the time, people have items in the garage they don’t know, and that’s how it gets cluttered. 

Place all the items that you don’t use outside the garage, and you can sell or donate them. It would be great to check the rain forecast a day before so that the items you keep outside don’t get wet.

After you have cleared the space, get the vacuum cleaner and quickly clean the dirt, bugs, dust and grime. Now use a broom and remove all the cobwebs. Wiping down the shelves will be great to make the garage look pristinely clean.

Open all the windows and let more air enter the garage as there’s no clutter to restrict the airflow.

Make More Storage Space 

Garages have limited storage options, and that’s a “first world problem”. Furthermore, less or no availability of storage options results in clutter, as people place the items on the floor.

When installing a new cabinet isn’t an option, you can use the floor and the ceiling to store your stuff. Here’s how to make more storage space inside your garage. 

Slate-wall Panels 

You can take advantage of the unused walls by installing slate wall panels. These panels have several hooks you can use to handle the ladders, gardening equipment, ropes, bins, and other stuff.

The best part about slate walls is that you can have more than one on a wall. 

Garage Cabinetry Systems 

If you are looking to spend some money to make the garage look clean and uncluttered, invest in a garage cabinetry system. This storage essential has several cabinets you can use to store tools and other small items that are prone to get misplaced.

Ceiling Storage 

Utilise the ceiling space by using ceiling storage racks. These storage essentials are perfect for car parking spaces with Gliderol garage doors. The overhead hangers and strap systems can carry a lot of stuff while giving you enough room inside the garage.


I’ve been using several pegboards in my garage to hang tools and organise items. Find some free space, and install pegboards.

Organise the Garage 

After installing the storage essentials, your garage is ready to store the items back. Place everything carefully, following the plan you created. Start with hanging the items on the newly installed wall and ceiling racks, and then stash the tools inside the cabinets.

Place the heavy equipment at the end to ensure it doesn’t bump into your car while parking. One more thing you should do is get a wheelbarrow to wheel the gardening equipment.

Homeowners that don’t have a spare shed in the garden often store the equipment inside the garage. With a wheelbarrow, the equipment remains organised and takes minimal space.

Moreover, you can take the gardening stuff out quickly to fight off the weeds.

Conclusion: Keep It Clutter-Free 

The last tip is to keep the garage free from clutter. Don’t store items you don’t want to use, and sell or donate them. Having a clean garage will surely make it look clean, while it enhances the life of the garage door as well because the door won’t bump into anything. 

Remember, decluttering is an ongoing process, so keep following it once a month and ensure your car parking space is always in great condition.