Day: May 6, 2020

Effects of using harmful cleaning solutions

The only reason why many customers opt to use cleaning products they can find from the market is to clean effectively. This is especially true when homeowners embark on the traditional spring cleaning and the weeks before Christmas season. This is the two most common periods where most of the households will be caught up in dusting, wiping, vacuuming and so on. Because you want your home to be clean and shiny as possible, you use cleaning products without realizing that these may have a risk on your health as well as your loved ones.

When you go to the cleaning section in the supermarket, you can find a lot of cleaning products available. You can find bleach, soaps, different kind of polishers such as for metals, for glass, for woods and other specialized cleaning solution. Do you know that most of the products contain chemicals that are dangerous to touch or inhale? Being exposed to these harmful chemicals can cause skin irritation, burns, watery eyes, and headache. Some also have a long term effect like cancer.


Ammonia is one chemical that you can mostly find on cleaning agents that are used for bathrooms and sinks. You can also find this on polishing products for surfaces like wood, tiles and marbles. Ammonia is responsible for making things sparkly and shine. People with asthma and lung issue will have breathing problems once exposed to this chemical. If you don’t have asthma, you’ll like to develop one and also bronchitis if you expose yourself to his chemical regularly. Too much use of this chemical will irritate your eyes, nose and even throat. It can also cause damage to your respiratory tract that will lead to lung damage.

Another harmful chemical is chlorine. This chemical can be found in scouring powders, toilet cleaners, laundry whiteners and mildew remover. You’ll have many avenues of exposure in using products that contain chlorine. You’ll be exposed through fumes, and it can even touch your skin when you clean with it. The health risk of being exposed to chlorine can be chronic and can be acute. You’ll likely have respiratory irritations. There is also a possibility that chlorine can be a serious thyroid disrupter.

There are so many other chemicals that are not good for our health as well as the environment.  The danger is when you are exposed to these chemicals, they tend to buildup and cause harm in your body, and it can also trigger some kind of disease.

Although you can’t avoid being exposed to these chemicals altogether, there are ways you can reduce it. You don’t always have to rely on toxic products when cleaning your home. You can always turn to use natural products such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and so many more. You can also opt for authentic cleaning products that only use natural ingredients. Changing your cleaning methods to green cleaning is less expensive, and it will not only extend the benefits to your health and your family’s well being. It can also reduce pollution in water and air. The good thing about green products is they used recyclable materials so you can minimize your waste as well.

If you feel that cleaning and using natural ingredients at the same time is overwhelming, you can always find help from domestic cleaner in gold coast. Many cleaning companies are aware of the effects of using conventional cleaning products; that is why they practice green cleaning. This is cleaning the home effectively by using safe cleaning products. This is to ensure the safety of the customers and their family.